Jewel Warrior Conference

February 19-21, 2021 7:00 pm

Camp Mihaska in Bourbon, MO

Welcome Beautiful!

I’m Grace and I’m excited to welcome you to Jewel Warriors. I’m so glad you are here! I am an author, speaker, mom, friend, and Co-Director of Camp David International. 

Jewel Warriors is a movement to empower women to shine bright in the darkness.    I am here to champion you in saying, “I CAN.” If your dreams have been shattered, or if you believe you are “not enough,” know those are lies. If you feel like you are in a fog or in a black night,  believe there is hope. 

I know, because I’m a Jewel Warrior myself. I’ve chosen to come out of the dark cave that I was hiding in, and believe God’s truths about me. It has taken me years to learn to be comfortable in my own skin and to live fully alive. 

 I want to invite you to join our community of women who are overcomers. They not only shine, but when the light catches them, they sparkle all over the room. Not because they are perfect, but precisely because they aren’t – and neither are their circumstances. But they’ve found the keys to freedom and purpose, and have unleashed their warrior.  And…you can, too.

Are you a jewel warrior?

Jewel Warriors understand that we are in an epic battle and as God’s girls, we are a target. The prince of darkness is trying to destroy all who represent God’s light and life. Jewel Warriors are exceptional, brave daughters of the Most High God who know who they are, what their role is, and how they can shine bright. They live to enhance the lives of others and defeat the darkness. 

 …No matter where you are in your Warrior journey, we invite you to come join our network of Jewels! We are better together!
Want some inspiration to go with your morning coffee?
Add some shine to your morning!

Discover your value


Empower your purpose


Unleash your warrior


To establish a path to discover, empower, and unleash women by way of inspiration, community, and resourcing in order to shine bright and defeat the darkness.


“I wanted to express my thanks to you and your family and team for an amazing weekend..I came with the expectation of receiving a breakthrough, and I received just that. I thank God for you all being obedient and reaching out to people like me. My daughter and I really enjoyed ourselves and as for me it was much needed indeed. I will continue to pray for you and your ministry that other women n children continue to receive love and support you all provide. From my whole heart… thank you thank you thank you God bless ~ N

Not Alone

“God bless you for allowing your heart to give me this wonderful experience. You are the reason I know I have purpose in life- you allowing me to participate has brought me closer to God and I have made new friends. I know I’m not alone and I’m special and worthy. Thank you kindly. This means more than you’ll ever know.” ~T

Someone who cares

“I just want to say thank you for sponsoring me!! It really helps to know that someone out there cares, even though they may not even know you or have walked in your shoes!!” ~D

Heart full of Joy

“My name is Socorro. I have 3 kids with me at the Just Among Friends Retreat. I was so happy and honored to attend the retreat.  I have had an unbelievable time. My heart is so full of joy. There are other families like mine. I’m not alone. I have met a great bunch of women. Our contact will extend beyond this weekend retreat.” ~S

Grown Tremendously

“Dearest Sponsor, I never could have imagined the experience that I was going to receive while here. I have shared my testimony, feelings, worries, weaknesses, and fears as well as my joys. I have grown tremendously from this experience and know I will continue to grow stronger. I owe you a debt of gratitude and with all my heart, I want to say thank you. I know “thank you” is so simple, but there just are not enough words to express how I feel. May God bless you so much for your help and support to make this happen. You may never know what all happened here, but know it has changed many lives including my own. Sincerely, Bridget. PS. My husband is in prison & we have 3 daughters.”

Created Bonds

“I will admit when I first got here and started hearing the other women’s stories, I thought I didn’t belong. But throughout the weekend, I realized that we are all going through similar things and we are all trying to reach the same thing- a closer relationship with God. I have created bonds that I otherwise would have never been able to make. This is an amazing ministry & an amazing group of people. I can’t thank you enough for this opportunity. Angela”