Workshops & Small Groups


These small groups are essential for equipping, empowering, and unleashing women. On the first night, attendees will choose a group to join, and will stay with that small group for the event so they can build deep and lasting friendships. Each small group has a focus, and there’s something for everyone- including those who feel they don’t fit anywhere!

We were created to be connected. Our stories matter. Come join us for a life-changing experience and watch what God does in our small groups and in our hearts.

This is a sample of the small focus groups we are planning on (subject to change!):

Single on Purpose- for Single Women finding their purpose and place
Courageous Moms–  Women on mission in their homes as mothers
Power Unions – Strengthening and encouraging wives
Light Finders -Connection and hope for those dealing with depression and anxiety
Freedom Girls -Connection and inspiration for women overcoming addictions and healing from loss, trauma, and abuse


Our workshops are set with a similar focus as our small groups, with teaching, tools, and inspiration to further equip women. Attendees can go to different Workshops- for instance in the first workshop hour they could attend a workshop focused on moms, while the next workshop hour they can attend one that is focused on budgeting and managing money.

3:00 pm – 3:55 pm

Rhythms of Sabbath
Parent Coaching
DNA of Relationships
Commission Perspective

4:05 pm – 5:00 pm

Living with Resilence
Fear Exposed
How we Love
Financial Freedom

FEBRUARY 19-21, 2021
Fri @ 7 PM TO SUN @ 1 PM
The Salvation Army Camp Mihaska, Bourbon, MO

Every ticket purchased includes inspiring STORIES of overcoming, MESSAGES of hope, TOOLS for the battle, and intimate CONVERSATIONS in a sisterhood of GIRLS!