It’s a Party for our Jewels!!!

For our 2023 Party we invite you to….

A Royal Princess Party- WEAR YOUR CROWN!!!!

Bring your ballgown or party dress, and don’t forget your shoes and jewelry or however you want to accessorize. If you have a flower crown or tiara or other type royal accessories you are welcome to bring them! Let’s celebrate that we are daughters of the KING!!!!

If you forget, or don’t have anything fancy/fun, we will have some extra dresses that you could look through- we want you to be able to be part!

February 24-26, 2023
Fri @ 7 PM TO SUN @ 1 PM
Camp Mihaska, Bourbon, MO

Every ticket purchased includes inspiring STORIES of overcoming, MESSAGES of hope, TOOLS for the battle, and intimate CONVERSATIONS in a sisterhood of GIRLS!