February 27-29,2020; 7:00 Pm 

Welcome friend

Hi! I’m Grace, and I want to warmly welcome you to the headquarters for Jewel Warriors. I am Co-Director for Camp David of the Ozarks, an author, speaker, mom and friend.

You have landed in a safe zone- a place to be real and to belong. Whether you see yourself as a warrior or not, know that you are a jewel- precious, unique, and incredibly valuable. I am here to champion you saying, “You CAN.” You can recover. You can rebuild. You can reinvent and reinvest. If your dreams have been shattered and you feel hopeless, or you’ve been shamed and told you are “not enough,” know those are lies. You can shine.

Join our community of women who are overcomers. They not only shine, but when the light catches them, they sparkle all over the room.

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These are posts written by a team of women who share stories from their lives to encourage, inspire and challenge us!


To establish a path to discover, empower, and release women by way of inspiration, community, and resourcing in order to break cycles of shame, dysfunction, and powerlessness. 
To propel women and families to change the world.
Discover your value;  Empower your Purpose;  Release your Warrior

Learn what Jewel Warriors is all about and how you can find purpose and hope for your life. Join our community!


From books to blogs to tips on parenting and maintaining healthy relationships, we want to empower you to succeed.


Nominate a woman who is living in an extraordinary way so we can celebrate how she shines.

He shows up
29 Oct: He Shows Up

By: Holly Bernstein   Before I met God, I was trapped in addiction. During this time, I had two abortions…


The weekend retreat will empower, encourage, and strengthen women who desire to ignite their lives with courage and renew their faith. We will help you uncover how hope, healing, abundance, and joy can spring where grief, shame, and hurt used to set up camp. 

Assignment from God

Jewel Warrior Women’s Conference was truly an assignment from God. I thank Him for choosing me to walk out this new story with a unique, gifted, anointed group of ladies who are not afraid to Unleash Their Warrior! Keep shining jewels! God bless you Grace Smith for climbing that mountain!!!

by: Cathy Peterson

Jamie Mason
Qualified to Walk

Truly blessed! Jewel Warrior Conference was so amazing!! New friends, chains broken, revived dreams and visions… 42 hour fast from Facebook and social media. We are warriors and we are qualified to walk the path God created us to walk! Put on the armor of God and take each step! I can’t wait to see where God has each and every one of us next year!!”

by: Jamie Mason

Powerful Warrior Women

“Mann, this weekend’s Jewel Warrior Conference in St. Louis was off the chain! God, I thank you for connecting and allowing me to be in the midst of some powerful Warrior Women of God! Lifelong sisters have been birthed from this and for that God, you get the honor!!”

by: Shawanda Alfred

Blew my Expectations

“This weekend God blew my expectations! I came hungry and He went above and beyond! He showed up with Glory and Power and most importantly LOVE! God did a work and blessed each woman who came as evident by the many who shared during testimony time! The body of Christ functioned in such love and unity it was TRULY so beautiful! I’m forever blessed by the new friendships! Here’s just a few of the many that I made! Make sure ur there next year in Feb. you don’t want to miss it!” 

by: Holly Bernstein

photo for speakers 2
A GOD Weekend

“I had the opportunity to connect with wonderful women at the Jewel Warrior conference hosted by Grace Smith. At this conference, women were transparent, hungry for God and many breakthroughs took place through workshops and small groups. I’m learning not to disregard small groups & workshops as components of conferences. Great deliverance is taking place through these entities. Sometimes you NEED the space and time to digest what God is doing. It was truly a GOD weekend.”

by: Kacie Starr Long

Hallelujah Good Time

“To God Be The Glory Twist~My~Pickle & More not only had awesome support but had a Hallelujah Good Time. I got 2 for 1!!! I love it when I vend and can be part of a conference. The transparency that I saw the last 3 days was mind-blowing. I thank God for all of the Survivors. I thank God for the Diversity; we are all apart of the Body of Christ, the Love, the sisterhood, the prayers, the  tears, the testimonies, the laughs, The WORD My My My…..2021 I’m waiting with great expectations!!!! From the youngest to the oldest I was truly Blessed.”

by: Yvette Faith Harbor